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Welcome to my site! I'm Olivia Otigbah, a journalist and content creator based in the UK.


After graduating, my overly ambitious self wanted to utilise the skills I learned to take storytelling the next level and produce my own content.


Observing comments online, I realised people are requesting more impartial and diverse news content. Researched, written and packaged by myself, my unbiased storytelling aims to give you knowledge of current events, culture topics and give people safe space to voice their opinions freely. 


Obsessed with mental wellbeing, the law of attraction and the power of visualisation, I've also added a wellbeing section to inspire you to go after your own dreams and join me on the journey of self-love and realisation. 

Check out my visual podcast, OliviaOtigbahPresents, on Youtube, where I invite guests to discuss different perspectives to cut through the noise of social media and learn from each other. 

If you want to be featured or have an interesting perspective that you feel people need to hear, please get in touch!


Feel free to leave any comments or feedback across the site or message me directly. 

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