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new exhibition showcases the history of croydon's most influential black talent

From 1st of October, Heritage Consultancy, Past Futures, will take virtual visitors back in time over 120 years of  Black British music culture, celebrating the lives and contributions of Croydon's most famous frontrunners. 

Holding Hands

The reality of Britain's Asylum Process

Since the European refugee crisis and the Brexit referendum, there has been increased attention on asylum seekers entering the UK, often with a misconception that refugees are given priority over British citizens. However, the truth highlights a harsh reality.


Anna Cescon: the woman who became an ally

After global protests in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, Anna Cescon wanted to do more to raise awareness for racial injustice, whilst encouraging long-term understanding between white and black communities. 

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cancelled by COVID

2020 has been rendered a write-off. With their life plans on hold, five women reflect on their time in lockdown and their hopes for the future.

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Dealing with being different: racism in the uk

The BLM movement has caused the world to reflect on how we approach racism in society. In this article, six ethnic people open up about their experience of racism and how they navigated being seen as 'different'. 

Also available on The Ferret.

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bame and born in britain

As the acronym BAME gains traction in UK vocabulary, ethnic people give their opinion on the inclusivity of the term and how culturally representative it really is. 


our forgotten victims of coronavirus

Coronavirus has forced society to take refuge at home but for one community, home isn't an option. 

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is our love affair with social media coming to an end?

Modern-day life means that we're glued to our phones but through all the glamour, are we becoming fed up of living our lives through social media?

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